Tuesday, June 21, 2016

From private one to one tuition system to the online world

The days when a private tutor would arrive home for taking on a single student and help with the homework assigned for his statistics subject, has long ceased. In more recent times, we saw the advent of tuition classes after the normal classes in schools and college. Here a group of student would get to gather and a private teacher would once again teach them statistics or help them with the homework assigned. However, in both these cases, the student would find that the teacher helps the student to understand certain part of the subject that they may not have been able to clarify at the regular class. 

Homework Statistics
Homework Statistics
The homework assigned to the student yet remains to be done, and the student has to make time and effort specifically for that purpose. What the student like me actually was searching for is to find someone who can take the load of just doing the homework for me, so that I could concentrate on other aspects of my studies. So I listed down my net requirements on a piece of paper and here it is for my readers also.

My list of what I need to help me with my studies including statistics

-          I need someone who would be available whenever I required, like the proverbial at my fingertips.

-          The help I required was to be just enough to do with my Statistics homework help.

-          I did not want to waste time commuting to that person’s house or that tutor wasting time arriving at my place.

-          I would like to ask queries which I felt could make feel embarrassed for their triviality in front of the tutor.

Having drawn these points I checked and found that the only place where all these criteria would be met was taking online help for my homework statistics to be completed in time and correctly.

Having said that however, was not the end, for when I did check the internet I found a huge number of websites all claiming to provide such quality service that was close to being taught by some celestial god. So I had to sit down and do a further bit of checks on the sites and service providers who are behind them.

My Checklist for finding the most Effective Statistics Homework Help Online

-          Feed back of the service provider, not at the parent or mother site of the provider. I did find feedback available of the service providers at other web sites. These comments appeared more authentic and gave me a fair idea of the services to be expected.

-          Many web sites offer a free trial period and that is the best marker to check their work quality.

-          Some websites do have the experts in chat mode available on the site. Chatting them up gave me a good idea of their level of expertise.

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